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12 December 2013 @ 05:39 pm
Emergency Commissions! Sketches, Icons, and more!  
Hello All!

I need some help on a few upcoming bills, so I'm offering some quick-turnaround sketches, and icons. They're so easy, you won't have to wait long at all!

My prices are very fair and reasonable, and with it being the holiday season, perhaps you'd like to give the gift of art to a loved-one, or just snag some things for yourself!

Please take a quick look? I don't have a lot of digital examples (thanks to my cat for blowing up my PC!), but I whipped something up on my little tablet PC for this.


Most of my current examples are WoW-related(still because of the recent PC death), but i'm a very fluid artist. I will draw your OCs, Fanart, furry, etc. etc. I'm not shy. :)

I'm offering different tiers of sketch commissions:

Headshot: $8
Ex: lil

Half Body: $10
Ex: lokani

Full Body: $15
Ex: rain lyla (full body+headshot example) vex yuni

^^**Turning any of these into lineart: Add $5**^^

Colored Headshot/Icon: $12
*You get a 500x500 of your character, including a 100x100 icon.
Ex: troll sugicon

**Turn Around Estimate: 1-3 days**
I will also hand-color the sketches for a few added US dollars.

I also do full blown commissions, and badges, which do take a little longer in turn around versus the others I'm offering. However, I am willing to do them! You'll just have to message me for a quote depending on the details! Feel free to e-mail me @ rainicakes@gmail.com for those!

Thank you so much!

Westly Ehrin Roanoke: Roanoke - Blink Red/Greenwestly_roanoke on December 14th, 2013 02:03 am (UTC)
Okay, going to squee a moment, because I just got a commission here and it came out ADORABLE!


Artist is great to work with, super nice, super quick turn around too!

Iiiin fact, I'm going to see about getting another! :D