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Taking Digital Artwork Commissions

I've found myself in need of cash so I've decided to start taking commissions. ^.^

What I'm Offering
Sketches - $5 to $8   ~

• Up to 2 characters

• Slight shading

• Some Sketchy lines

• Digital anime style

   Illustrations – $12   ~~

• Up to 2 characters

• Line art with flat colors

• No/Minimal shading

• Your choice: sketchy lines or clean lines
Digital Painting – $15 to $20

• Up to 2 characters

• Clean line art with painting

• Shading

• Digital anime style

   If you'd like to see more of my work, visit my art blog.

General Guidelines

  I will not draw or create:

Explicit sexual content (Nudes and non-explicit sexual content are fine as long as genitals ARE NOT viewable)

 Ideologically insensitive content

 In a specific style unlike my own

  I will/may draw or create (just ask me about it and we'll talk it through):

 Furries

 Nudes or models

 Fan art & Crossovers & OCs

 Gore

 Slash (not explicit)

 Fantasy/AU

 Comic

 GIFs**

 Prices may vary depending on level of difficulty and estimated work time involved in a specific commission.

 I must have artistic license. I'll try to follow the commissioner's guidelines/references/descriptions before and after I've presented the initial sketch, but I will not make big adjustments or changes to the final piece (at least not for free).

I only take payment through Paypal. Once we're in contact and I've accepted your commission, I must receive either full payment before I complete your commission or you can split the fee (half before the finished product, half after you've received the finished product).

 *I will either send you a scanned version or ship to your address, the traditional portraits. At this time, I am only shipping in the United States.

 **GIF prices vary from $5 - $18 depending on subject and details. We'll talk it out.

 Background on any commission is an additional $2.

 Extra text or dedication is free, just let me know.

More Examples

{Also, check out my art blog here!}


Your Rights

 You may post the commission on any online social networking or platform you'd prefer, but you must link it back to my deviantart (cylensia), my art blog (abhordelirium), or my personal/fandom blog (plethoricardor).

My Rights

 I reserve the right to decline taking on a commission for whatever reason. I may or may not state my reason to the commissioner. (But if I actually decide not to take on your commission, it's probably because I either personally do not believe what you want is within my ability to create, I do not have time to take on your commission, or I do not feel comfortable drawing the specified subject.)

 I will post your commission on my art blog. If you'd rather I not post it, let me know why and I'll refrain from doing so.

How this is Gonna Go Down

 You hit me up on my email and specify the type of commission you'd like. Give me descriptions and attach any references for the drawing you want.

 I'll respond within the week, saying whether or not I will take up your commission. I will give you my Paypal email so that you can transfer payment (inform me on whether you'll be sending the payment in full or splitting it).

 Within 5 days of receiving initial payment, I will contact you again with a concept sketch conceived by the descriptions and references you've provided. At this time you can tell me anything you'd like me to add or detract from what I've done of your commission. (Keep in mind, this will be a concept sketch which means it will be relatively messy because it's just an idea I have in mind for you commission!)

 I don't have a concrete timespan of work but I will try to finish your commission quickly while still presenting you with quality work.

 Once I've completed your commission, I'll let you know and then email the digital piece to you (or ship it to you if you commissioned me for a sketched traditional portrait).

       o If you'd like me to send you the .sai file, just let me know. Please don't remove my signature on the artwork though.

 If you split the payment, I'll be expecting the remaining amount to be transferred to me within the week.

Thanks for reading all of the above:)
If you have any questions, email me at!

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